Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My so-called studio

I'm struggling here, people. Art-wise, at least. Life in general is really really good, I just haven't had time to paint! Plus, I have to be honest, my focus is elsewhere (*ahem* new baby!). I'm sure it's natural and I have to no doubt that I'll be itching to paint before too long, but in the meantime my creative inspiration is a little closer to home... namely, MY home. We've been here 2 years and it still looks like we just moved in! So, it's time for some changes. Some will take longer than others. Some we'll have to save up for, but I'm SO ready!
My starting point is my studio. It's a studio/home office (not that we do any office work in it)/ dogs' bedroom, so as you can imagine, it's a mess. Plus, since baby girl's room USED to be my studio, everything in my current studio basically still resides where it landed when we switched rooms around. I can't believe I'm going to do this, but here's a current picture... so embarrassing! Don't judge me.
Pretty awful, huh?
First step: Make a plan. I'll be back soon with ideas and improvements. Stay tuned!