Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A current painting in its "adolescent" phase
You remember that age- the awkward tween years when suddenly your body didn't fit you right, your skin started doing weird things, and you forgot how to talk to anyone over the age of 12 or any member of the opposite sex of any age. It was rough. It was embarrassing. But you got through it, and look at you now! Wearing clothes that fit, understanding how makeup works, and talking to bank tellers and grocery store clerks without stuttering or blushing. 

Well this is just a reminder that brain children go through the same awkward phase. They start out as beautiful, pristine canvases (or lumps of clay, or in my case, sheets of metal) full of potential. Then, as they develop you may reach a point where you say, "Is this really going to work?" and you fear that your poor little creation is destined to forever be an ugly duckling. See it through. Nurture and love it for what it could and will be. Like I've said before, you gotta work past the ugly (click the link for other works in progress and the source of that quote)! 

Any of you ever given up on a project because you just couldn't stand the ugly phase? It happens. Any of you ever pick that abandoned project back up and see it through? I'd love to see the results and hear your stories!

Stay tuned for follow-up pictures in the development of the painting above.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brain Child Wins a Prize!

New Beginnings at the Birmingham Art Association juried show
Guess what! My painting, New Beginnings won Best in Show at the Birmingham Art Association's annual juried show. I was very excited just to be involved the show. I felt that the work this year was especially beautiful, so I'm all the more honored by the award.
Mary Liz Ingram and Dariana Dervis with Dariana's lovely
 mixed-media collages (and second place ribbon).

My dear friends (and fellow members of the art group, Eclectic Art Social Club) Mary Liz Ingram and Dariana Dervis also each received second place ribbons in (respectively) "drawing/printmaking" and "mixed-media" for their work in the show! Way to represent!!

Dariana Dervis, Mary Liz Ingram, and Chi Roach with
Mary Liz's beautiful pastel
 (her second place ribbon is behind Chi's head :)
A pretty awful picture of me,
but pretty good of my paintings.
You may remember New Beginnings (and my struggles completing it) from this post. Just goes to show, the brain child is worth the labor pains. So proud :).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweet Little Feet

Sweet Little Feet
There is no making a 1 year-old sit still for a portrait, however I did manage to catch her little crossed feet at she sat in her high chair. Ah, the magic of graham crackers to keep a toddler still!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Thursday!

The Birmingham Art Association's annual juried show will be held at Christopher House Antiques this Thursday night from 5-8. Come out to see fantastic local art in a very cool locale. Nearby Pepper Place will also being having an open house for the evening. Come see me!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

What's catching my attention

I'm sure my neighbors (and my dogs) thought I was nuts yesterday when I stopped every 1 1/2 feet to pick up fall leaves.

But how could I resist? They're all different! When such beauty is throwing itself at your feet, you have to accept.

And enjoy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The art of lying fallow

Whew! Y'all. This last month has been crazy! Good crazy, but still, crazy! With the Eclectic Art Social Club show at Parkside October 19th, my daughter's (kind of big) first birthday party October 28th, and Moss Rock Festival this past weekend (which I realize I didn't even TELL y'all about!), I feel like I've hardly caught my breath. Throw in normal, everyday life and needless to say, things like home-cooked meals have taken a backseat.
I'm aware that not everyone feels this way, but I actually like to cook. Especially if I can take the time. So that's what I'm doing- taking some time. Slowing down. Getting my house back in order. Spending time with my husband, baby, and dogs. And making chili.
I have some new projects on the horizon. Ideas are simmering in the back of my head for new subjects, new techniques, new formats and I know I'll be back in my studio in just a couple of days. But for the time being, like my tiny summer herb garden, I'm lying fallow and regaining my strength.