Friday, February 4, 2011

mmm- my favorite breakfast recipe

Ok, so if I don't get enough protein, it's a scary thing. I turn angry mean (getting between me and food is like getting between a mama bear and her cub when I get hungry, according to my friend Drew) so, it is in the best interest of everyone in the greater Birmingham area (possibly the whole South!) that I start my day with eggs. This morning I made my favorite (and easiest) scramble. I just whip up one whole egg and one egg white in a bowl, add a little spoonful of store bought pesto and toss them in the skillet. While I let them hang out on the heat for a second I add torn up spinach and feta cheese. Then I just use a metal spatula to sorta fold them over themselves until they're done. Super easy. And yummy. And pretty healthy. Win, win, win and the good people of Birmingham are safe. Btw, I've been getting organic, cage free, local eggs and organic spinach here. They're REALLY reasonably priced and the spinach stays good WAY longer than what I get at a regular grocery. Probably cuz it's fresher.

The egg shells looked so pretty and delicate I put them on a silver platter and took some pictures of them. I think I'll do an eggshell painting next in my reflection series. So, make today's breakfast a QUADRUPLE win. Nice!

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  1. Oh, wow...It's dinner time and now I need EGGS!!! The idea of a painting of the shells sounds yummy, too!