Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Bite

Here's today's art bite:
It's almost done. I've enjoyed this picture. It's way different from the others you've seen from me. I think it's the start of a new series. However, I'm not entirely happy with it. On the upside, though, I have learned some things. I'll reveal the finished painting and the lessons learned in the next post. For now, though, I've promised you my thoughts on my current work surface.

Like I mentioned here I'm trying out some different work surfaces since not only does painting on metal take a great deal of time, but also I make my own supports which means getting the metal cut, mounting it on board, building a frame, etc. which, of course, means more time. So, for this painting I tried birch panel.

I thought I would love it. It seemed so smooth and I loved the idea of letting the wood show through. Alas, however, the more I painted on it, the rougher it got. I have no problem with texture in paintings. In fact, I enjoy it sometimes. However, I feel like my style almost requires smoothness. Plus, the wood soaked up the shine of the paint, leaving a matte finish which would be perfect for some artists' work, but not for me. The birch panel was convenient and for many artists' purposes it would be perfect. It just wasn't the right surface for me. In the future I may experiment with ways to make the surface more glassy, but for now I'm going to say this isn't the surface that I'm looking for (yes, Mom, I know it's supposed to be, "the surface for which I am looking,"). Stay tuned. The final painting will soon be revealed.

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