Friday, June 1, 2012

...and the art of life

I live in an older house. Not so much older in the "charming details" sense, but older in the "this house has had several owners and every one of them has done things differently," sense. We're slowly (very slowly) but surely adding touches and changing things to make it our own. It's amazing how satisfying the tiniest changes can be! So since this blog is not only about "A Life of Art," but also, "The Art of Life," I've decided to share a few little glimpses into our home. 
Perhaps my favorite, shall we say quirk, about our house was the florescent office light on the bedroom ceiling. 
Forgive the awkwardness of this photo. I took this before we even bought the house and way before I had this blog. What you can't see in the photo is that there is another, regular light fixture about 10" away from this one. Kinda random, huh? So, we took the florescent light down and this is what we found-
Popcorn ceiling under that one strip of the ceiling. Wild! I'm sorry to admit we actually went to sleep staring at this view for the better part of a year thinking that removing the popcorn was going to be a HUGE deal. Luckily, we were wrong! All it took was a spray bottle of vinegar and warm water, some plastic sheeting to protect the floor, and a rag. Seriously! It's messy, but easy. I hear it's not always this easy to remove popcorn (sometimes called acoustic) ceilings, so we really lucked out. My father-in-law came to help us with some home improvement projects and at the end of a couple of days we had this:
A fresh paint job, new light fixture and a beautifully smooth ceiling. You can't even tell there was ever popcorn there. It makes me happy every time I go into our room. I swear I even have sweeter dreams. Next step- crown molding!

What have y'all crossed off your to-do list? Any tiny changes that have made a big difference in your state-of-mind?

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  1. Ahhh, home renovations, they never seem to end. My wife recently had a medical problem which necessitated the installation of new handrails in our stairwells (we removed the ghastly originals 25 years ago, when we first moved in...) She will be delighted to see, when she returns Monday, that the oak balustrades have been varnished. It's all painting, right? Next up, plumbing!