Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outside the easel

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This past weekend I took an awesome watercolor journaling workshop with amazing artist Marilynn Brandenburger. It’s been sort of a rough couple of weeks that have thrown me a little off-balance. So, time with other artists exploring a medium that I don’t normally work in a lot was just what I needed. Here are some pics of what I did during the two day workshop:
I’m a pretty detail-oriented artist (not that you would know if from other areas of my life… for example my messy sock drawer), but I am. So, these watercolor sketches were a great exercise in loosening up…
The simplicity of the sketches captures the moment in a way that words alone cannot do, however still allows time for added thoughts and feelings.Image
If you get the chance to take a workshop from this fantastic artist (and great teacher) I highly recommend it.

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