Friday, April 15, 2011

(Somewhat) Quick Paintings

Most recent quick study
I've been having a hard time focusing lately (more on the reason why in a later post). My typical reflection paintings on metal take SO long to do- several layers of paint, each taking several hours, with drying time in between that they just seem daunting when I'm so distractible. So, in a quest for more immediate gratification I've been doing a series of short, quick paintings on gessoed particle board. I'm normally such a careful, detailed painter that it's good for me to do "fast" paintings once in a while. I put fast in quotes because I still spend 1-2 hours on them. I've done about 10 of them now and I think I'm getting better at getting my subject down quickly. What do you think?
Quick study #1


  1. I love the top one! I could never do that in 1-2 hours! Wow

  2. I like them! I do think you should give Genesis a try though. You could get the same oil feel but with no drying time and no clean-up time. I can't wait to see you again!